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Let’s T.A.L.K.™ is designed to assist managers and supervisors in dealing with difficult performance appraisal situations. The performance appraisal process is part of an ongoing, year-round process of giving constant feedback and support, making sure people know what is expected and setting goals for the future.

#0 ID:698 Topic: Assessing Performance Learning Path: Leadership Type: eLearning - Classic Industry Settings: Healthcare, Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General, Retail Other Topics: Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Management, Conflict Resolution Course Level: Intermediate Seat Time: 40 Minutes

A thought-provoking video that uses music,text and graphics to inspire and stimulate discussion about the importance of performance appraisals.

A straightforward, yet entertaining approach to delivering the message that dealing with employee performance challenges is rarely easy or quick. But not taking effective actions can be damaging and more time-consuming—not to mention the lost product

#2 ID:804 Topic: Communication Learning Paths: Leadership, Personal Performance Type: Complete Programs Industry Setting: Office & General Other Topics: Leadership, Assessing Performance, Problem Resolution Seat Time: 21 Minutes

What Motivates You to do Your Best Work? This handout allows users to quickly rank the things that motivate them.

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