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  • Training Evaluation and Assessment Forms
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    This package of downloadable forms makes assessing your next training session a breeze. There are over 10 ready-to-use forms including a pre-assessment, post-assessment, gap assessment and so many more!

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Training Support, Evaluation, Training Activities

  • Using Video Vignettes in Training
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    By design, video vignettes (also known as video clips or video scenarios) can be used to support a variety of training needs. Use the following list of sample questions as a starting point to create a set of relevant discussion questions for your particular application.

    Tools & Take Aways Personal Performance Training Support, Training Activities, Training Ideas, Effective Training, Learning Reinforcement

  • Dealing with Conflict: Common Fight, Flight & Freeze Responses
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    Help employees and co-workers understand the responses observed in the workplace when someone was presented with a challenge that provoked an emotional reaction.

    Activities Leadership, Personal Performance Conflict Resolution, Training Support, Training Activities, Training Ideas

  • Article: Promote Wisely
    #4 ID:1505

    We often do this dumb thing in corporations. We want to recognize employees who do brilliant technical work, so we reward them with our plum management jobs. Sure, sometimes these people are brilliant managers, too. Far too often they end up cutting a destructive Tasmanian Devil-like swath through the organization as they spin their way up the corporate ladder.

    Trainer Resource Leadership Leading, Management, Professionalism, Training Activities

  • Manager Obligations Under the FMLA
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    As a manager, your obligations in regard to the FMLA center primarily around four areas. This handout streamlines each obligation into easy-to-understand terminology.

    Trainer Resource Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Compliance, Management, Discussion Trigger, Training Activities

  • Discussion Card: Nonverbal Communication
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    Did you know that 55% of communication with others happens without words? That means your body language is key in your daily conversations. These easy-to-use cards provide a simple model (W.A.T.C.H.) along with thought-provoking questions to help learners understand the importance of nonverbal communication - helping leaders, managers and supervisors address individual or team issues. These cards are great for a quick training reminder, reinforcement or as a conversation generator.

    Discussion Cards Leadership, Personal Performance Communication, Teamwork, Leading, Training Activities, Communication & Influencing, Learning Reinforcement

  • First Impressions Activity
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    This activity is designed to spark a discussion about the biases and assumptions people have towards others based upon different characteristics and aspects of who they are. These real-life examples focus on different aspects of bias.

    Activities Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Respect, Inclusion, Discussion Trigger, Training Activities, Unconscious / Hidden Bias