Everybody Wins: How to Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Everybody Wins: How to Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Conflict is everywhere. It’s natural and unavoidable. Conflict is something we all deal with in one form or another every day. The problem is that many of us don’t deal with it well. It’s important to realize that conflict isn’t always a negative experience. It depends on how we view it, our own skills at handling it and our ability to deal with it.


Type:eLearning - Classic ID:697 
Course Level:Foundational
Learning Paths:Personal Performance
Main Topic:Interpersonal Skills
Other Topics:Communication, Diversity, Management, Professionalism, Inclusion, Respect
Competencies:Creating a Collaborative Environment
Suggested Industry Usage:Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General
Subject:Conflict Resolution
Source Program:Everybody Wins: How to Turn Conflict into Collaboration™
Trainer Comments:Improve productivity by turning conflict in to collaboration. Great for getting everyone working together instead of pulling against one another. Learn a resolution model that works for a range of conflict situations.
Diversity Profile:Hispanic female(s), Caucasian male(s), Caucasian female(s), Asian female(s), African American female(s), African American male(s); Various ages
Seat Time:30 - 45 minutes
Interactivity:Linear navigation, pre- and post-assessment, full video, full audio

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